Alright so Drake’s new album came out last night for those who have Apple music (I do) and it’s amazing. I like his style a lot more than most other artists in his category. His voice is super calming and the songs on this album are slower and more about his feelings and such. You know how most artists have like a certain sound? You can tell his voice apart from other people.
His album is about where he is from…. Toronto. He’s trying to get people to call it the 6. The cover is him on top of a building in Toronto. It’s pretty cool but I saw an article that said that fan made albums had a way better picture.
I really like his music and I’ve  been listening to it ALL morning. Literally. In every class I have been listening to it. I’m trying to listen to it so I can learn the lyrics and what not, ya feel?

Anyways I’m super exhausted today and just wanna curl up in a ball and take a nap. But I have my stupid cousin’s confirmation. I don’t want to sit through the whole service. It’s going to be so annoying and the Blues game is on during it…. so obviously I’m about to be on my phone during the dumb thing. Sorry mom!! I’m also going to see a movie with my “boyfriend” or whatever you want to call him. We are seeing the Jungle Book. It’s our first actual like date I guess you could say. He’s very interesting….. and very very shy. Like unbelievably shy. I don’t understand because he has a good personality and stuff. Let’s just hope it goes good!!!!!!



The worst word ever, yet perfectly describes my life right now!!!!!!!!!

I have yet to publish my story because I can not figure out how to find my stupid thing for my bank account. My dads name is over mine on my checking account and he’s being a lazy ass and won’t help me figure it out. So hopefully my mother will help me with that tomorrow morning!!!!!

Also, I am done with school. My dads pissed about my grades and that I have to take at least 2 finals..(yes I will probably have to take this final because I am horrible at creative writing)

I really just want to graduate and have a fun summer with everyone before we all leave. I’m kind of sad leaving my boy (if we last thru summer) but that will be very hard to do. Im super excited to be leaving my parents. Yes I sound like a complete bitch, but I want to be on my own. I’ll come back and visit periodically but not like every month. I want to get away and be away.

Anyways, today was a good day. I was with my friend Brittany and we laid out by the 314 house and it was relaxing. We then went to tan co to actually tan in a bed… can you say skin cancer?

I am probably just going to drop out of high school now since I will not be able to finish with all A’s and have to take lame ass finals. BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a lovely day, since I know I did 🙂

Childrens Story


It was the worst time of the day, lunch time. Susie did not like to eat everything that was on her plate…especially the vegetables. Everyday at lunch she had chicken nuggets with ketchup, fries, carrots and broccoli. And everyday that she didn’t eat her veggies, her parents would tell her, “Susie you aren’t going to get strong!”

Susie really wanted to be strong.

One day at school, she wanted to go on the monkey bars. But when Susie tried to show all her friends how she could go across the whole thing, she fell and couldn’t finish. She was very upset that she wasn’t strong enough to go across the monkey bars. She didn’t want her friends thinking she wasn’t strong enough to do them!

Susie ran and hid under the slide. She was very sad that she hadn’t been able to finish the monkey bars in front of her friends. As she sat there crying, a bird came over to her.

“Hi, I’m Mr. Beaks,” he said. “Why are you so upset?”

Susie looked at him and told him what had just happened.

“My nest is outside your house and I have seen you not eat your veggies at lunch every day. You know, they may not taste good, but they will make you super strong. They give you super strength when you eat them,” he told Susie.

“I don’t like broccoli and carrots Mr. Beaks! They taste gross!”

“If you eat your veggies tomorrow at lunch, you will get super strength, I promise,” he told her.

Susie decided to listen to Mr. Beaks.

The next day at lunch Susie ate her carrots and broccoli. As soon as she ate them, she felt herself get stronger. “We are so proud of you!” exclaimed her mom.

The next time at recess when Susie tried to show her friends again how to cross the monkey bars, she made it all the way across. All of her friends cheered for her and gave her a huge hug!

For now on, Susie was always going to eat all of her vegetables. Even if she does not like them, she wants to keep her super strength forever!


Today I woke up in the best mood of my life. Okay well I guess yesterday?? I don’t even know what time it is currently. I sent snapchat videos to my friend Megan of me singing and dancing. My other friend noticed how happy I was and said, “Im happy to finally see you happy” it honestly made my day her noticing my mood. I had a good day at Kehrs Mill with my kids also. They make me super happy and I love seeing them improve. I got out of school early for the doctor and got told I could have a disease in my wrist. It’s kind of shitty but I hope that the pain goes away so I don’t have to get MRIs on them. After I went to K Flehers house to make our plate for our baby on Sunday. For cheer the seniors make the babies on the team a special plate that is related to them in some sort of way. I enjoyed my time with her. We talked about a lot of things and looked up cool stuff about DWIs. (very interested) I then went to megans and we had Deweys (per usual). I was super hyper I don’t even know why. We went to 2 different Walmart’s to find our shirts for Wacky Olympics. We’re being the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Super cool am I right? After that the same boy from yesterday picked me up. I can’t get my mind off of him. I never want to leave him after we hang. He makes me happy and laugh. I feel super comfortable around him. We also share the same favorite color… PURPLE!!! Anyways i’m literally exhausted and I have no clue what i’m typing anymore. Adios friends. Sleep tight 

Blog-a-thon… yeet

Alright so let’s get this going. I’m happy Durham has some M83 on this playlist, I love them. I really just want to listen to Wait, it’s one of my favorites… other than Midnight City (aka everyone’s favorite song by them) High school is coming to an end. Yes, I am sad.. but honestly I just want to be done forever. I want to move on and start on my own at Mizzou. I mean I’ll miss my parents and dog, but truly I just want to be able to have a get away which will be school. Being an hour and a half away from home sounds pretty awesome. Plus, joining a sorority will be so much fun, and becoming sisters with my actual sisters will be cool. A lot of people are freaking out about finding a roommate and stuff, and im just lucky enough be able to room with my best friend. (shout out to Hollie Godfrey, love ya girl) Wacky Olympics is on Monday and my team and I are being the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tonight were going to Megan’s to like decide what were doing and make our shit and stuff. I’m lucky to have such close girl friends like them.. plus Kathy and Maddie. We have a groupchat called “Butthole lickers” Yes yes I know, it sounds really weird?? But we have had so many random ass group chats like adding new people and stuff into them. I’m going to be sad when Nicole and Ali go to Miami of Ohio next year 😦 But at least Julia, Kaitlyn, Theresa and I will be able to take road trips and go and visit. Not to mention my ex lover will be up there!!!! (some people may know who I’m talking about) Hmm weird dreams… Okay like the only dream I remember really well is one that I had in like third grade. I was falling off the empire state building and on the ground to save me was Andrew Branstetter. I had like a love for him from kindergarten til like fifth grade. Then that obsession switched to Brandon Puricelli… (douche alert) He’s like my brother though so were pretty chill. Embarrassing moments shit. I don’t even know I have had so many. In PE I got hit in the face by Ali and my lip got fat. Okay this song just distracted me shit. I LOVE this song. Literally such an awesome chill song. Sweet Disposition. This makes me think of summer and I can’t wait holy shit. It’s so relaxing but also like hypes me up in a weird way if that makes sense? I keep rambling about random things. Last night I was hanging with a guy that I have like been meaning to hang out with. He’s honestly super nice, and tall (I love tall big guys). He’s like a huge teddy bear and is just awesome. I think I might keep him around for awhile, but I hope I don’t get attached. I guess I have a thing for juniors or something..  I have 2 other secret crushes with juniors. One is in my last hour class and we flirt and stuff a lot. But he’s like obsessed with my 2 friends and all. Kinda sucks that you get looked down on and compared to them but I don’t care too much about it. He’s super awkward but has a cute smile and laugh. He is an ass to me most of the time, but my friends say its because he has a “crush” on me. He did kiss me on my cheek last Friday at the end of class. But last weekend I said some embarrassing things to him while I was you know having “fun” I guess you could say. Anyways, my other little crush is also super awkward. He has an obsession with this girl on my cheer team. I really want to say her name, but I’m going to refrain from doing so. We snapchat daily and he’s my #1 bestfriend on snapchat. (FREAKING GOALS) But like we have this kind of joke between us because I like asked him one day jokingly “Wanna date” and he was like “I already have a girlfriend” So everyday now I ask him, “Hey wanna date” and he will always say, “Sorry I can only have 3 girlfriends” And then I just am like alright! I see how it is, f*ck you! So as you can see my head is very confused between my two crushes and then this kid now. I have 2 hickeys on my neck… whoops!!! I’ve never gotten one and I am proud. But they aren’t big at all and barely noticeable so it’s not too bad. And I probably won’t ever get one again, but still. I gave him one, and you can totally see it. Yikes! People have like asked him and he tells them who. This is what I like about this guy, he isn’t afraid of people knowing that we talk. When I had a thing with this kid over a month ago, it was super low key and when people found out he flipped. It was annoying.. I guess I liked how it was secretive but sometimes it annoyed me. Alright what to talk about next…. Clayton has been on my mind lately. There’s a song called “Heaven” and I think there might be like a remix involved and all but it reminds me of him. It makes me pretty happy though listening to it.


Most cheerleaders want the team to win, however for Karly Kline that is not the case.  Putting on the show of being a “cheerleader” becomes difficult while dating the star player of the basketball team. When drama begins to break out during one of the games, Karly loses it. Will she be able to keep her game face on? Or will she let out her true feelings?


I woke up a little bit happier today.

I remembered where I was and I just felt so peaceful. My bestfriend and I deciding to take a trip to the lake. I mean it’s an amazing weekend to go because of the weather, so why not? 

My mood has really been crazy this past week. I hope I eventually get over this annoying phase of sadness. It’s like it will just hit me and I can’t control it and I won’t know what to do. And then people will ask what is wrong and I’ll just fake a smile or say i’m tired. I honestly just don’t know why i’m sad, I just am. I think that’s possible right? Anyways, this stupid sad feeling needs to get out of my head and go to someone else because I don’t need it. 

I never wanna go back home. I love it here. I can’t wait for summer because this is where I’ll be spending a lot of my time. My friends house is gorgeous. Like I would love to live here. 

Escaping for even just a day honestly is the best decision I have ever made. I love driving, so the drive down calms me. I also love the lake. I used to come all the time when I was little with my cousin and family. The atmosphere is awesome here. 

My friends asleep next to me and I really want to get up and go get some food!!! 

Ps: I went to barnes and noble yesterday and got the book I’ve been wanting forever!!! (Grey aka Fifty Shades told in his perspective) I also got a journal so we will see how that goes